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Is this a really a serious Blog? Whoa... brace yourselves... I've read many ideas of what may happen in our near future. But I'm curious what you all think. What are your opinions? Often, when a group of people put their minds together on a topic, they tend to be closer to 'the right answer' than th…
2 days ago
What A UN Gun Grab Looks Like (Warning From The Victums) Maybe you missed it they are confiscating guns in California. After the Bundy ranch Reid obvious land grab thing. Do you actually think th…
2 days ago
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Be alert to a sudden drop in the New York Stock Market. A collapse could take several days and the government would likely attempt to mitigate it, but whether they could do that is in serious question and banks could close as a result. So keep an eye out and your gas tanks at least half full all the time.

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Citizens over the age of 18, not currently enlisted in the organized mlitary forces of the Unites States of America, to stand in reserve as a member of the California State Militia.


What We Do

We are a garrison of concerned citizen soldiers dedicated to our Constitution and standing united in the defense of our country from all enemies, be they foreign or domestic.

As a unit we stand at the ready to both support and reinforce the efforts of law enforcement and organized military forces in the civil defense of our nation, our state, our cities and neighborhoods, and most importantly the defense of our families.

Once rostered, you can train individually or choose to work with other militiamen at regularly scheduled  drills. The training, inspired by the original Minutemen, will be geared at familiarization with to include: 

  • light infantry operations
  • marksmanship
  • land navigation
  • first aid
  • wilderness search and rescue

The “grassroots” defense of our  nation is every citizen’s responsibility.

Charlie Company Home

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A network of interdependent units throughout the state that all paricipate together as a united partnership.  We work together, share information and training resouces towards a shared goal and a shared mission.  We are based on the standards set by the State of California's Military & Veterans …
427 fans
United States
166 days ago · From Jeremy The Bull Hall
The California State Militia - Charlie Company is a Company withinthe California State Militia.  Charlie Company currently contains twoplatoons the El Toro Platoon (1st Platoon) and the RainCross Platoon (2nd Platoon).  The El Toro Platoon covers the counties of San LuisObispo, Kern, Santa Barbara, …
221 fans
San Bernardino, United States
166 days ago · From Jeff Mays
Trading Post  Buy, Sale Trade! This Group is for posting your goods, supplies, equipment and services for sale, buy sale or trade.  This is also where you would post something you are looking to buy, sale or trade for.  All items posted here must be legal to buy sale or trade within the state o…
128 fans
Sacramento, United States
152 days ago · From Jeremy The Bull Hall
This group is a discussion forum for all California legal firearms and ammo, and associated topics such as reloading, shooting techniques, ect.
93 fans
United States
164 days ago · From John Walker
This landing group is a public group for non members of the site to communicate with its members. This is the place to go if your not sure if you are ready to join yet. Learn more about the California State Militia before joining the site.  Let us get to know you while your request to join is bein…
80 fans
United States
163 days ago · From Jeremy The Bull Hall
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1)No Arguing, Personal Attacks,and or Dissension on the site.

2) No Racism Allowed on the site.

3) NO violent threats of any kind will be tolerated on this site.

4) NO Profanity or Pornography Period allowed on this site.

5)The Admin's and Moderators have a job to do. Arguing and insulting them for enforcing the rules of the site will not be tolerated.

6) We Honor the Freedom of Religion, as stated under our First Amendment! Bashing of any religion will not be allowed on this site.

7) NO Advertising, promoting or posting of other militias that are not part of the CSM, unless the militia(s) is working with the California State Militia and has been cleared by CSM HQ to do so.

If something is not covered in these rules and becomes a problem, we will refer to the CSM code of conduct. Be respectful and courteous while using this site and there should be no problems.

Violation of the rules will be determined by at least one site moderator and one site admin. If the site admin or mod is one of the parties involved in the violation, two members of the site admin staff not involved, will rule on the violation and the consequence. The site staff will not be allowed to make judgment calls on their own accord, except for cases of extreme circumstances where immediate action is required, and another moderator or administrator is not available.  


Consequences of rules violations could result in many possible actions, a written warning either in a thread or private message, edit or deletion of their post,or  to be banned from the site.

* If there is a disciplinary action made by the site staff such as a post edited, deleted or a suspension made on the site the individual will be notified in private message or in public posting depending on the circumstances and in extreme cases CSM HQ will be notified so they can notify the individuals chain of command. 


All new members should join the California State Militia 1st Regiment page and are encouraged to announce themselves so their local unit can contact them.

Site  Admins

Jeremy Hall, Mike Bolduc, John Rood, Vivian Hall, & Sean Haddy

Site Mods

Clyde Massengale, Joel Stone, Gavin Brown, Tyler Bussell, Rudy Carver  & Suzanna Bolduc

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Mission Statement 

In principle we, the members of the California State Militia, stand to promote, uphold and defend the constitutional guarantees as documented and expressed to the people in the California State Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.

We stand to promote and defend the principles of just government bequeathed to us by our forefathers to ensure that all citizens regardless of race, color, religion, sex or natural origin retain those inalienable rights and protections established by our founding fathers.

We acknowledge a responsibility and exercise our rights as established in the Constitution of the United States to maintain our militia and train our members in the many disciplines necessary to the function of the militia both as a whole and to the members individually.

We acknowledge a responsibility to educate our members in areas of history, law and principles of a Republican* form of government as compiled in the experience and records of our forefathers. The CSM does not advocate overt acts of violence and/or aggression. It remains a defense oriented organization.


*the word "Republican" as used here refers to a form of government (Republic) and not a specific political party. The CSM welcomes membership from all political affiliations.



 Supporting Good Government

Like other constitutional militia organizations, the CSM recognizes that good government, founded and implemented consistent with Constitutional tenets is not only a blessing, but essential to the function and preservation of a free society.

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This will be a Geo Tree drill.  Contact you group leader for more information.
in 11 hours
TBA, Redding, United States
From trude cox
SANTA CLARITA AREA MEET & GREET  Organized by Chris Dale! Welcome recruits, members and patriots.  This is an announcement for a “Meet & Greet” in the Santa Clarita area.  Our objectives will be to: 1. Introduce our PT exam for “Recruit” and “Level-1 Rifleman” and test if there is int…
in 3 days
Albertson's Rally Point, Santa Clarita, United States
From Joel Stone
We will be joining with the Eureka Platoon and having our FTX in Eureka.  More information to follow.
in 17 days
TBA, Eureka , United States
From trude cox
Our August FTX will again focus on individual and team skill development.  Our particular focus will be final preparation for the September FTX War Games.  If you plan to go the War Games then you need to train with your platoon in August!  
in 24 days
TBD, TBD, United States
From Joel Stone
Overmountain Platoon will be hosting FTX open to all platoons within the Regiment in Modoc County. PLATOONS CHALLENGE - This event will be competition where platoon and/or squad teams will negotiate the range environment under the watch of observers/controllers. Here's your chance to prove who has …
in 58 days
Overmountain "Northern Frontier", Alturas, United States
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By Paul Reed · 103 days ago
By Jeremy The Bull Hall · 152 days ago